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  • As much as I love the digital world there’s still nothing compared to flipping through a new notebook and jotting down your to-do list and notes throughout the day. Maybe it’s just the act of getting to physically mark things off your to-do list that’s so satisfying. Who’s with me on this?
  • It’s already getting warmer, which means more time outside exploring with my boys. Anything that gets me AND Radley working out is a win-win in my book. New blog post about actual fun ways to exercise, feat. Rad being adorable and loving the woods.
  • NEW BLOG POST: It’s taken me 2 years in business to really be able to plan for the future and set realistic goals. A lot of that just comes from understanding my business a little better with each client and feeling more confident in where this business can go. But setting goals that are attainable yet still push you can be a challenge for even the most seasoned professional. Talking on the blog about setting realistic business goals to continue to see growth and add some structure to this freelance lifestyle.
  • We are back home after a restful weekend at the lake where Mike made sure I didn’t focus on work. We all need a little recharge sometimes. But it’s good to be back and hit the ground running on this Monday morning!
  • I’ve literally always had a sketchbook. Even as a kid I was doodling on anything I could get my hands on, so purchasing a sketchbook was always necessary. When sketchbooks were a requirement for college that was no big deal. But I’ve decided that even though I like looking through old sketchbooks and seeing my ideas and work, I’d love to flip through and see the rest of my life documented as well.
As one of my intentions for 2018, I’ve decided to start journaling to document the little things that are happening my life each day. For now it’s kind of a mix of art journaling and bullet journaling, or really whatever comes to mind.
My newest blog post today is showing off some of my favorite Instagram journaling accounts that are a huge inspiration to me, some of which inspired me to start this in the first place. Be warned: you’ll end up with major journal envy!
  • Half of me is like “it’s still a Wednesday, I need to keep working.” The other half of me is like SNOW DAY!! 🌨❄️⛄️ I think I’ll meet somewhere in the middle and work from the couch so I can watch it snow.