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Evie – Genesis Theme


Evie is a premade responsive Wordpress theme built on the Genesis Framework. Built with travel blogging in mind, Evie is perfect for any blogger wanting to show off their photography.

What You Will Receive

Theme Zip File

READ ME File with Install Instructions

*Genesis Framework is NOT included*


↳ Fully Responsive for desktop, tablet, and phone
↳ Customize Widget Areas
↳ Full Width Pages and Posts
↳ Sidebar under Page and Post content.
↳Optional Between Posts Widget
↳Optional 2 Row Instagram Widget
↳ 3 Footer Areas


↳ Full Page

↳ Content + Sidebar

Plugin Design

↳ Genesis eNews Extended

↳ WP Instagram


This theme is specificially built for It will not work on, blogger, or tumblr. It is built as a child theme using the Genesis Framework. You can purchase the framework here.

Install Help

If you want your website to look just like the demo site, please request Installation Help and we will contact you the next business day.

Live Demo



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  • One of the many truths about this whole entrepreneur thing is that you wear all the hats in the business. You are the creator, marketing, accountant, tester, packaging and customer service. So one of the best things you can do for your business (and your sanity) is to make it easy to track your business growth. Seeing tangible numbers not only helps you know what is working and what isn't, but you can use that info to set long term goals for your business and know exactly where you are headed. On the blog today I'm sharing some of the easiest ways to track your business growth as well as some of my favorite tools that make it super easy! Just click the link in the bio to read more.
  • When I went to the mountains last week my dad and I grabbed coffee and sat together talking and looking back at the view. It was a misty morning and fog had settled into the valleys, leaving the mountains to seemingly rise up out of thin air. They aren't called the Smoky Mountains for nothing. But it was the kind of weather I love encountering, in the mountains and so often in Europe. I'm craving more fall weather like that. The magic of the crisp air and overcast days, misty rain creating a haze, and elegant scenery and interiors that use that light to amplify their beauty. Any particular weather that inspires you?
  • 🎶Reunited and it feels so good 🎶 My little assistant is finally back with us after a month away vacationing at his grandparents' house while we traveled. Getting back in the swing of things around here.
  • A little logo design that didn't get used but that I'm still totally in love with 😍 Brand photography always helps bring the whole thing together, don't you think?
  • I'm a magazine hoarder! Literally, I keep them forever because, just like books, I find them to be long term resources and a huge inspiration in my writing and my design work. If you missed my most recent post click on over to the blog to see some of my favorite magazines right now, including (of course) @belongmag. 🌵💕
  • This is something that I truly believe: the most successful people are the ones that don't quit. 
Chasing any kind of dream is hard work. Whether it’s running a business, or getting in shape, maybe working on your mental well being, or a combination of all three. Whatever your goal is, no doubt the journey will have ups and downs along the way. That's just part of it.

The difference is you never call it quits.

You keep working, keep making changes, and keep that goal alive in front of you and the day will come when that goal is no longer a dream, but a reality.