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  • Posting this for myself and for anyone else that needs a change in perspective on this Tuesday. I’m so guilty of the comparison game and it’s been particularly strong lately. There are so many talented designers out there and I’m so honored to know a few of them. But whether or not someone else is doing incredible work holds no bearing on your own value or what you can create. Sometimes it’s so much better to just keep your head down, focus on what you do well, and do a lot more of that thing. There’s room for all of us.
  • Believe it or not we are still here! Things have just been a little crazy this summer for us. Actually, crazy is an understatement. But we have new blog posts, new podcasts, and lots of new projects that we can’t wait to share with you all!
  • I’ve been starting out my mornings lately, before I dive into my custom design work for the day, by working on a few theme ideas that keep floating around my head. This one in particular for photographers is becoming a favorite.
Not sure when I’ll have themes available again, but the idea is something that’s been pulling at me for sometime now. I love the idea of giving you all a more affordable option when it comes to working with me. For now, these little projects with no set timeline are a great exercise for me to ease into work and to jumpstart my creativity for the day.
  • 28 .

Today I turn 28 and it feels like I was turning 22 yesterday. As a teenager I always felt older than my age. Now as I approach 30 that somehow sounds older than I feel. Is that what getting older feels like? Always out of sync with the number you actually are? Maybe it's the expectations and emphasis we put on the number itself that makes it feel that way. The idea that we should be somewhere specific, hitting some goal by each age. .

But all things considered, I'm actually fully embracing 28. 30 still feels miles away but I actually feel more at home at 28 than I did at 27. I think I've been rounding up to 28 for most of this year when people ask my age. I'm not really sure why but 28 seems to fit more than almost any other year so far. .

It's an age where I'm feeling more confident in myself, in my business, and with my place on this planet. 28 will undoubtedly bring major change to my life, since this will be the year we move into our first house, get married, and I will solely rely on this little business of mine. .

There are a lot of unknowns, as with any year, but also a lot of exciting things to look forward to. If 27 is any indication, I really have no idea what's ahead of me but boy, I'm ready to get this party started!
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  • Welcoming June and everything it has in store for us. Check your emails for a new calendar background 💕
  • Happy rebrand and website launch to Kitschen Cat! 🍴
@jessievanslyke’s vision for her food blog was to make it more personable, approachable and playful. We created sweet little kitchen sketches for each category and added bright, cheerful colors to create an inviting and engaging space for her readers. Every page was designed to showcase her recipes in an accessible and easy to find way. .
Jessie was an absolute dream to work with and we had a blast putting together this new brand and site for her.