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  • We’ve been running around like crazy these last few weeks and something had to give. I’ve been a little MIA here on Instagram as my full attention has been on client work. There’s also been a little break from the blog and podcast because as much as I would LIKE to always do all the things, that’s not always possible. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I’ll get back at it soon and I can’t wait to show you all the awesome stuff we’ve been working on!
  • Sketch mountains? Yes please! Daydream about weddings? Even better! Showing off the latest in the portfolio with this branding for @yourwvwedding, a platform that serves both West Virginia couples and wedding vendors to find their best matches for a perfect wedding day. Totally in love with this entire branding suite and can’t wait to see where YWVW goes with it.
  • Before I started Sweet Horizon I was a lifestyle blogger. In fact, I had several blogs over the years, some were better than others and some only lasted around a month. But I still credit those blogs, even the ones that totally fell apart, with getting me started on this path to running this design business where I work with so many fellow bloggers.
Lifestyle blogging is one of best ways to ease yourself into the world of blogging because you are posting about your life, your favorite things, and whatever it is that you care about. Radley here has always been a feature on my blogs since the day I got him, and who wouldn’t want to blog about a cute pup like this?
But you know I’m a planner, and when it comes to blogging that means I’m all about generating as many content ideas as possible so that you always have something fantastic to post and you don’t end up with a stagnant blog!
On the Sweet Horizon blog today I’m sharing over 50 lifestyle blog post ideas to get the creative juices flowing and help all of you generate some of your best content yet! After all, we all need a little inspiration from time to time.
  • I printed out ALL of my Lettering Lesson guide sheets yesterday, just to practice up on my brush lettering. Printing on cardstock makes for the perfect watercolor or ink calligraphy practice, and this new lesson for Spring is up on the blog today! I’m still working on my technique and find it so helpful to write the same thing multiple times so that I get comfortable writing a word. That’s why I created these printable guides for each Lettering Lesson. They are designed for everyone wanting to learn modern calligraphy, whether you use a tablet or you opt for a brush and ink. There’s no such thing as too much practice. 🖋🖌
  • A little late is better than never! New March background going out to all of my newsletter subscribers today so check your emails for the desktop, tablet, and phone downloads!
  • On the blog today rounding out the Lettering Lesson days of the week with Saturday! All days of the week are currently in our resource library. Sign up to our newsletter for free access!