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  • Printing more stock of these little mountain scenes today because they are flying off the shelves! Also just posted a new Lettering Lesson to the blog and doing some photo editing this morning before heading to photograph a wedding this weekend. Did I mention running multiple businesses is hectic?? What you guys are up to this Friday?
  • Absolutely cannot WAIT to be reunited with this little nugget this weekend after a month apart. He’s been living his best life as a mountain dog with the grandparents while we travel, but I’m ready to have my snuggle buddy back!
  • Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living I always hesitate for a second. Some of you may know me as a web designer, some of you know me as a photographer, and some of you may only know me from my blog or Etsy. It honestly depends on how you heard about me. Needless to say, I always have a LOT of business ventures going at the same time. .
So why have I chosen to run several businesses? Well, the easy answer is that I LOVE all these different career paths, but it stretches much further than just my love for my work. I’m back on the blog today talking all about the benefits of having multiple business ventures, why it works best for me at this point in my life, and how I keep it all afloat. .
Do any of you also have several businesses that you work on full time? Any side hustles you’d like to make full time?
  • Painting florals and pretending it’s not storming outside from this hurricane. 🖌 Stay safe this weekend everyone!
  • We are home from New England and to say it was life altering is an understatement. I’m still getting used to this new ring on my finger and the fact that I’m going to be a Mrs. to the sweetest, most thoughtful man in the world! Somebody pinch me! Here’s to the next big adventure. 💍💑
  • Seeing my work come to fruition and on tangible products is absolutely incredible. Crock Drums by @different_drummer_pottery combines pottery and music and I couldn’t be happier to have made this logo for them.