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  • A little #typetuesday with some sass and some fun facts about my love for books:
1) I got an English Literature Minor in college just because I like to read and analyze books. Every class was like a book club to me but with a knowledgeable professor haha! 🤓
2) During my junior year of college my New Years resolution was to read a book every week of the year, so 52 books that year, and I actually beat it by 2! 54 books in total and I didn’t count the books I was reading for class. 😆
3) As a kid I just knew I was destined to be a children’s book author. I wanted to write books and draw the pictures as well. I suppose designing and blogging make total sense as my career choices now. Who knows, maybe I’ll still write a book one day. 😊
Any other crazy book lovers out there? Anyone have some great summer reading recommendations?
  • Happy Monday and keep the coffee coming! ☕️ Even after a restful weekend it may take me an extra cup to feel perked up today.
Starting the day off by putting some finishing touches on several blog posts for you all and hoping that I have some time to record a few podcasts while I’m at it. What’s on your list this week?
  • Greatly looking forward to our first weekend at home in what feels like forever. While there are still plenty of DIY projects around the house to get done we really can't wait for some time to just chill out together. What are your weekend plans? Happy Friday!
  • A website that is easy for my clients to update is the number one priority for me. The more areas that can update automatically, like with each new blog post or data from readership, the better!
After years of running a business website, and even longer running a blog, I know how time consuming it can be to keep everything up-to-date. Even the slightest change like swapping out imagery can turn into a time sink. .
So when I’ve been planning out new themes, yep I said NEW (were you following me back in the day when I used to sell my old themes??), my main priority has been to make everything as customizable as possible and super, duper simple to navigate, not just on the front end but within the dashboard as well. The faster you can make changes to your site, the better it will represent your brand and the faster you can get back to creating amazing content.
  • Working on some color palettes and can never get enough watercolor washes. Some brands just call for muted, dreamy washes.
  • That mid-day inspiration break in the new office with all the Friday moods. 📚🌱🐶
I’m headed to my 10 year high school reunion this weekend and am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s been 10 years. Then again, a lot has changed about my life since I was 18. Life is funny that way. It goes ridiculously fast but you still manage to fit a whole lot of living into it.
What are your plans this weekend?